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Network & Internet Security Disk & File System Encryption
  • disk encryption for "on-the-fly" encryption of an entire disk partition:
    • Peter Gutman's SFS Secure File System - a DOS device driver that uses SHA in feedback mode; alternate FTP site in .nl
    • Edgar Swank's SecureDrive - a TSR hook for DOS that uses IDEA; available by FTP from CSN (get disk/secdr14a.zip), Cypherpunks archive, or sites in .nl, .dk, and .it
    • Secure Device - a DOS device driver that encrypts a virtual, file-hosted volume with IDEA
    • Matt Blaze's CFS Cryptographic File System - a UNIX device driver that uses DES; source code in files cfs112.tar.gz and cfs.1.3.shar.gz
    • Will Price's CryptDisk - shareware Macintosh encryption system using IDEA-CFB (v.1.2.1 Jan 1996); available from FTP sites in U.S., another U.S., .dk, and .nl; older versions available by FTP from .ie (v.1.2) and .de (v.1.03); source code available
    • Kent Marsh's FolderBolt for Mac (?)
  • file encryption for manual encryption of individual files:
    • use PGP with the -c option
    • Kent Briggs' Puffer 2.0 for Windows encrypts files and email using PC1 (a 40-bit stream cipher similar to RC4) in the shareware version, or the 160-bit Blowfish block cipher in the registered version; data-compression and file wiping options included
    • HPACK incorporates strong encryption with a file-archiver (like PK-ZIP) for many platforms
    • Diamond Lock v.2 for DOS & UNIX, with source code; older version here
    • Encryptlet - an AppleScript droplet that encrypts files by drag-and-drop onto a Desktop Encryptor icon; cryptographically agile, can use AppleScript-aware version of MacPGP
    • TeamWARE Crypto - commercial product for on-the-fly encryption of single files via FEAL-8 cypher; user interface is integrated with Windows File Manager
    • Curve Encrypt (Mac) - version 2.2 available by FTP from .dk and .it
    • Quicrypt (DOS) - need info?
    • Atbash2 (DOS) - ZIP'ed file available by FTP from .dk and .it
  • file-wipe utilities overwrite deleted files to prevent their recovery; see Galacticus' Anonymity, Privacy, and Security pages

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